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Our goal is to embed Corporate Responsibility within AXA Tech’s strategy and operations to increase employee engagement and performance, as well as create value for AXA by supporting its ambitious Corporate responsibility targets.

We want AXA Tech to become an exemplary IT organization thanks to its responsible and inclusive employee approach, its innovative Green IT positioning, and its « IT for the Community » mindset.

Head of HR, Communication and Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at AXA Tech

AXA Tech is ranked 3rd in terms of Corporate responsibility maturity amongst all AXA entities. Find out why!


AXA Tech also illustrates its commitment to the community through a flagship initiative baptized Rescue-Telecom, which provides emergency telecommunication services during crisis situations. Based on employee volunteering, Rescue-Telecom enables victims of a crisis to send a message of life.


AXA Technology Services is a major purchaser of IT products and services for its internal operations and the services provided to its clients. The significant volume of purchases opens an additional area, where the Group is able to promote Corporate Responsibility (CR).

The global Procurement team apply a clear process for the selection & approval of suppliers where we integrate social and environmental criteria (based on internal local thresholds).

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Getting in touch with Procurement

If you are an existing or potential future supplier & have queries related to Procurement,
please send an email to contact.suppliers@axa-tech.com.