Welcome to AXA Technology Services

Our Vision

We are AXA’s preferred and trusted IT advisor as well as equal partner because we know and value AXA’s business more than any external supplier

Our Mission


We are mandated to support the transformation of AXA’s business, IT infrastructure and platform services.
We do this by:

  • Seeking and maintaining a deep understanding of the IT market and its evolutions
  • Anticipating and understanding the business needs and risk appetites of our internal partners
  • Offering and delivering high quality, innovative, global and highly secured IT services at the best price with the lowest environmental footprint
  • Shaping our organization to offer a smooth partner and user experience rooted in operational excellence
  • Fostering leadership and accountability, attracting and developing diverse talents and providing a learning environment to our employees

AXA Tech's OfferING

Logo Workplace

We provide AXA employees worldwide with the means to do their job, communicate, collaborate or connect effectively whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Logo Applications

We provide our AXA entities with turnkey platforms to develop or host their business applications. We have developed Cloud offers to embed both new and legacy applications.

Logo Infrastructure

We provide AXA entities with traditional and Cloud infrastructure services. Our offer includes backup, identity access management, monitoring, support
and security.

Logo Consulting

We share our IT market knowledge with our partners and proactively advise them on their IT-related business choices.

Executive Leadership Team

  • Daniele Tonella

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Alan Rainford

    Head of Audit

  • Amélie Watelet

    Head of HR, Communications and Corporate Responsibility

  • Caroline Dickie

    Head of the CEO Office

Daniele Tonella, Chief Executive Officer

Before joining AXA Tech in 2013, Daniele Tonella was the Global Chief Information Officer of Evalueserve, a specialized company in outsourcing knowledge process. From 2002 to 2010, he held various positions at Swiss Life, where he was Chief Technology Officer from 2005 to 2009, and eventually Chief Information Officer of the Swiss subsidiary. He started his career as a consultant at Mercer (1998-2000) and McKinsey (2000-2002).

Alan Rainford, Head of Audit

Alan has almost 30 years of experience in IT and/or IT Audit including working with and managing multi-national teams. He started his IT career in British Telecom in various roles including business analysis, systems development andsupport and latterly IT audit. He moved to Guardian Royal Exchange (GRE) in 1996 to manage the Computer Audit Group having responsibility for managing IT audit across the company’s global operations. Following the acquisition of GRE by AXA, he became Head of IT Audit for AXA UK. He then joined AXA Tech in 2003 and since January 2013 has been responsible for the global audit of both AXA Tech and AXA Group Solutions.

Amélie Watelet, Head of HR, Communications and Corporate Responsibility

Before joining AXA in 2006, Amélie held operational and functional positions in Human Resources in many and various organizations such as Groupe Radio France, Electricité de France (industry) and Décathlon (large retailers). Rich from this diverse professional path in these different industries, she joined the Finance and Insurance sector in 2006 as Secretary General and Head of HR for AXA Global P&C. In 2009, she joined the AXA Headquarters as Head of HR for the AXA Groupement d’Intérêt Economique . In 2010, in addition to her position as Human Resources Director, she became the AXA GIE Chief Administrator of the AXA Headquarters. Since September 2013, Amélie is the Global Head of HR, Communications and Corporate Responsibility for AXA Technology Services.

Caroline Dickie, Head of the Chief Executive Office

Before joining AXA Tech as Head of the CEO Office in October 2014, Caroline has been with AXA since 2009. As Regional Transversal Officer, she drove the roll-out of the Group IT strategy with AXA entities and was a business partner. Since January 2013, she has been heading the AXA Tech Group IT Transformation Office.

  • Gema Baguena

    Head of the Digital Transformation

  • Jacques Puibaraud

    Chief Procurement Officer & Head of Partnership Office

  • Valérie Pommeret

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Bruno Laurent

    Head of the AXA Tech
    South Europe Region

Gema Baguena, Head of the Digital Transformation

Before joining AXA Tech as Head of the Digital Transformation in May 2015, Gema was the AXA Assicurazioni Chief Information Officer since 2010. She held several positions in the IT field in the Mediterranean and Latin America Region working on IT Strategy and Governance. She also was involved in themerger between AXA and Winterthur in Spain. Gema was with Accenture for the first part of her career, with various positions and working on different industries.

Jacques Puibaraud, Chief Procurement Officer & Head of Partnership Office

Jacques has over 30 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry. Prior to his current job, he was Vice President in charge of IT and Professional Services Procurement for the AXA Group. He held different positions in the Software Development for mainframes, in computer manufacturing industry and was the head of the Customer Facing Information Systems Product Line Worldwide at Alcatel before joining the AXA Group in 2002.

Valérie Pommeret, Chief Financial Officer

After 6 years in an audit firm, Valérie joined AXA in 1997 and held different positions in Finance such as financial controller, Head of Controlling and Head of Investment Accounting and Cash Management at the AXA GIE and AXA France. Since 2012, she has been leading the Flyer Program as Finance Sponsor and in June 2014, she became the Chief Financial Officer for AXA Technology Services.

Bruno Laurent, Head of the AXA Tech South Europe Region

Bruno joined AXA in 1990. He worked for AXA Canada, AXA Direct and other AXA IT central organizations where he managed technologies and operations. He joined AXA Tech in 2002 and successively led the CTO architecture department, regional technical services team as well as operations. He then became head of the South Europe Region in 2014.

  • Frederik Simeon

    Head of the AXA Tech
    North Europe Region

  • Patrick Kammermann

    Head of the AXA Tech Middle Europe & Japan Region

  • Pierre Rullier

    Head of the AXA Tech Asia Region

  • Tom Rhodes

    Head of the AXA Tech
    North America Region

Frederik Simeon, Head of the AXA Tech North Europe Region

Frederik joined AXA Tech in 2007during the integration of Winterthur Insurance into AXA. Before taking the role as North Europe Region Head, Frederik lead the Global Risk, Security and Compliance team of AXA Tech. Prior to that, he led special missions within Group IT (AXA Group Tiger Team, M&As, AXA Group Digital Team) and held multiple positions within IT Infrastructure Service delivery within AXA Tech Corporate department or ine regions as Asia, Middle Europe and Japan.

Patrick Kammermann, Head of the AXA Tech Middle Europe & Japan Region

Before joining AXA Tech in October 2014, Patrick was the Group IT Chief of Staff at the Zurich Insurance Group. He was responsible for developing IT and innovation strategies, organizing Group IT's management processes, as well as driving selected global strategic and operational topics, in particular in the area of IT capability building.. He joined Zurich Insurance in 2009 from Swiss Life, where he was responsible for Business Operations and Services. Prior to this role, Patrick was the Chief Information Officer for Zurich Switzerland Before that, Patrick was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, focusing on operations management, business technology and change management.

Pierre Rullier, Head of the AXA Tech Asia Region

Pierre joined AXA Tech in 2004. Before becoming Head of the AXA Tech Asia Region, Pierre ledthe creation and development of our Cloud Initiatives and the support of several AXA’s Business Units. Prior to that, he held several positions in different AXA entities, as Chief Information Officer.

Tom Rhodes, Head of the AXA Tech North America Region

Tom Joined AXA Tech in 2004. Before taking the role as North America Region Head, Tom led the Service Delivery for Mexico, establishing AXA Tech Mexico as part of the region and migrating all technology to the regional Data C. Prior to that, he held multiple positions within Information Technology Infrastructure Service delivery within MONY Life Insurance Company and for Computer Sciences Corporation.

  • Xavier Lacombe

    Head of AXA Tech India

  • Thierry Galloy

    Chief Operating Officer

Xavier Lacombe, Head of AXA Tech India

Xavier Joined AXA Tech in 2002. Before taking over his current role in April 2014, Xavier held different positions within the Southern Region (2002-2005), lead the Northern Region for five years (2006-2011) in New York, the Middle Europe and Japan Service Delivery (2011-2014) in London. Prior to that, he held multiple positions as Service Delivert Head for Bank NSM (ABN Amro Group) for almost ten years or as a consultant.

Thierry Galloy, Chief Operating Officer

Before joining the Global team/ AXA Tech Group ? as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in September 2014, Thierry was the Head of South Europe Region where he was in charge of the service delivery for AXA entities in France and Mediterranean Region. He started his career as an IBM system engineer. He took several positions in different AXA entities working mainly and only on service delivery activities. He was part of the creation of AXA Tech in 2003.