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AXA Tech strives to be a responsible employer and wants to create a workplace that fosters diversity and equal opportunities, trust, innovation and inclusion.

We want to engage and empower our talents through unique professional experiences and development opportunities. We do this while anticipating and accompanying the evolution of our workforce in alignment with our IT business needs and our long term vision of required skills.

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We foster leadership and accountability, attract and develop diverse talents and provide a continuous learning environment to our employees.

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Find out what five of our employees
have to say about their career at AXA Tech!

  • Anne Vicq-Appas

    Chief Information Officer

  • Badr Benyahia

    Project Manager

  • Pierre-Loïc Doulcet

    Hacker in Residence at the
    Advanced Engineering Lab

Anne Vicq-Appas

I have joined AXA Tech at the very beginning of its history, end of 2001; I was coming from a Consulting company (GFI) where I was Head of a BI Business Unit. I first worked on the creation of what would later become Partnership Office, and just after, I started working on setting up the AXA Tech France Projects team, creating the first Projects Managers pool. I had the opportunity to discover what Service Delivery is from different perspectives, as I changed positions. I am happy and proud of my evolution within AXA Tech. In this masculine world, from my perspective, being a woman was not a drawback. I had a fair opportunity to evolve, and I did my best to seize it. I truly believe that we, at AXA Tech, benefit from a better gender balance.

Badr Benyahia

I had the chance to spend two years as an apprentice at AXA Tech as a Junior Project Manager. These two years were a fulfilling and enriching experience as it allowed me to put into practice all key notions linked to project management in a wide variety of projects (infrastructure, application, telephony, support…). Following this apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to join AXA Tech as a permanent employee: an opportunity I didn't want to miss.

Pierre-Loïc Doulcet

I was attracted by the variety and diversity of projects managed at the AXA Tech Lab as well as by the quality of the work environment it offers.

At the Lab, I feel the start-up spirit to which I am used to, but with much more means and impact thanks to the large size of the AXA Group.

  • Roger Charmont

    Systems administrator

  • Tammy Ledbetter

    Head of Integration Services for AXA Tech Global Services

Roger Charmont

What is different working as part of the Digital Booster? A lot of things: close collaboration with the developers, more frequent interactions with the partners (AXA entities), responsive sharing of information within the team, more structured days thanks to the agile method (scrum), constant intelligence updates on the latest technologies… And above all, the fact that all of this is now standard practice!

Tammy Ledbetter

I joined AXA US in 1998 and since 2005 onward, I have participated in lead roles with the AXA Tech global communities. I was given the opportunity to become an expat in 2011, serving 3 years in Japan. I am now living in France, serving a multi-year expatriate assignment. My passion to share in the world’s cultures is fulfilled daily as an expat and my experiences with my hosting countries' cultures have influenced me personally and professionally.

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